The Powerful Healing Properties of Tigers Eye and Amethyst Gemstones




Tigers eye and amethyst are two stunning gemstones known for their healing properties and metaphysical benefits. When combined together in jewelry or used individually, these crystals can help promote positive energy, relieve anxiety, stimulate creativity, enhance intuition, and bring harmony to mind, body and spirit. This article explores everything you need to know about these popular healing crystals – from their meanings and uses to how to choose the right tiger eye or amethyst crystal for your needs. Read on to discover why tigers eye and amethyst should be staples in every crystal lovers collection!

A Brief Overview of Tigers Eye and Amethyst

Tigers eye and amethyst have been used for their healing and protective powers for thousands of years across many cultures. Here’s a quick introduction to each of these powerful crystals:

Tigers Eye is a golden-brown colored stone that helps cultivate courage, self-confidence, mental clarity and emotional balance. It’s known as a powerful stone that helps you to release fear and anxiety, and aids in harmonizing unbalanced emotions.

Amethyst is a popular violet crystal associated with wisdom, spiritual awareness, inner peace and intuition. It’s said to help calm the mind and emotions, making it an excellent crystal for promoting relaxation and restful sleep.

of Tigers Eye and Amethyst Gemstones
of Tigers Eye and Amethyst Gemstones

While they each have their own unique properties, tigers eye and amethyst complement each other extremely well. When combined, these two crystals make a dynamic duo that helps restore balance, relieve stress, and bring your body and mind to a place of equilibrium.

Now let’s explore each of these crystals and their healing properties in more detail!

All About Tigers Eye Crystal

Tigers eye has long been regarded as a stone of protection and good fortune. But it offers so much more – this golden-brown mineral rock also helps strengthen mental clarity, willpower and discernment.

Where Does Tigers Eye Come From?

Tigers eye is composed of silicon dioxide and forms through the alteration of crocidolite. It’s an intermediate stone between jasper and quartz – tiger eye comes in a stunning mix of brownish-yellow colors with silky lusters and fascinating chatoyancy that resembles the eye of a tiger or a cat, hence its name.

Most tiger eye comes from South Africa and East Asia. When shopping for tigers eye, look for stones with vibrant golden color and distinct banding. Avoid any stones with a dull or faded appearance.

Tigers Eye Meaning & Healing Properties

In crystal healing, tiger eye is valued for its grounding and stabilizing effects. Here are some of the top benefits of this therapeutic stone:

  • Promotes courage – Its bold golden hue imbues you with willpower, self-confidence and bravery. It brings out your inner strength and resilience.
  • Releases fear & anxiety – Provides a calming energy that helps you let go of fear-based emotions and stress. Supports in overcoming phobias, obsessions and anxiety.
  • Enhances mental clarity & discernment – Clarifies thinking and amplifies mental acuity. Helps make better decisions with insight and good judgement.
  • Emotional balance – Balances mood swings, lifts depression and instills a positive can-do attitude. Promotes harmony between your emotions and spirit.
  • Motivation & focus– Boosts determination, endurance and concentration. The perfect crystal when you need to hunker down and get things done.
  • Protection – Creates a shield against negative energy and ill-wishing. Wards off bad vibes and envy from others.


Tigers Eye Crystal Uses & Applications

With its empowering and motivational energy, there are so many ways to incorporate tigers eye crystal into your everyday routine and healing practices:

  • Wear tiger eye jewelry to keep its vibration close throughout the day. Bracelets, necklaces and rings are great for promoting courage and relieving anxiety on-the-go.
  • Place a tigers eye stone in your workspace or study area when you need help with mental focus, determination and strong decision-making skills.
  • Meditate with a tiger eye stone to stimulate the lower chakras, clear away fear, and bring vibrancy to your energetic field.
  • Try tigers eye in yoga or reiki sessions to enhance body awareness and deepen your practice.
  • Keep tiger eye in your car or bag for protection when traveling or commuting. It’s known to safeguard against accidents and theft.
  • Use tiger eye for esoteric healing to augment vitality, balance the hormonal system, and lift your mood.
Tigers Eye and Amethyst
Tigers Eye and Amethyst

Selecting the Best Tigers Eye Crystal

When browsing tigers eye crystals, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Color – Opt for stones with vibrant, rich golden-brown hues and distinct banding. Avoid faded or dull looking stones.
  • Clarity – Prefer transparent, clean stones over cloudy or occluded ones. Inclusions can block the stone’s energy.
  • Cut – Cabochons display tiger eyes chatoyance the best. Tumbled stones are great for carrying or wearing in jewelry.
  • Size – Larger stones have more intense energy. But even small tigers eye stones pack plenty of power.
  • Quality– Well cut tigers eye with few imperfections generally has the strongest healing properties. But even lower grade stones offer benefits.
Type of Tigers EyeKey Characteristics
Blue Tigers EyeBluish-grey variety of tigers eye. Enhances communication and grants mental clarity. Calms overactive mind.
Tigers Eye QuartzCombines properties of tiger eye and quartz. Amplifies intentions, clears negativity, aids focus.
Red Tigers EyeRare type of tigers eye with red-brown hues. Stimulates passion and vitality. Boosts low libido.
Hawks EyeDarker brown-grey form of tigers eye. Excellent for improving night vision. Protects against spiritual deception.

With its dazzling appearance and powerful grounding energy, it’s easy to see why tiger eye has been a favorite crystal throughout the ages. Read on to learn about its perfect metaphysical companion – the mystical amethyst stone!

A Guide to Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals used today for spiritual healing and personal growth. Its lovely violet color and high vibrational energy impart a soothing, tranquil quality that invites peace, serenity and connection to one’s highest truth. Let’s explore more about amethyst meaning and properties:

What Is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a violet variety of crystalline quartz. It’s composed of silicon dioxide and owes its color to trace amounts of iron. Amethyst ranges in hue from pale lavender to deep violet, and forms in clusters or geodes within volcanic rock.

The finest amethyst comes from Brazil, Uruguay and Siberia. When selecting stones, choose ones with rich saturated color and clarity. Inclusions are very common and don’t detract from overall quality.

The Meaning & Healing Attributes of Amethyst

For centuries, amethyst has been embraced for its protective and cleansing powers. Some key attributes of this regal purple stone include:

  • Promotes calm & relaxation – Soothes emotional turbulence to bring more peace and patience to your day. Alleviates anxiety, anger and insomnia.
  • Enhances intuition & psychic abilities – Awakens your third eye and heightens your connection to your spiritual guidance. Boosts prophetic dreams and visions.
  • Aids concentration & memory – Sharpens your intellect and cognitive abilities. Excellent for enhancing focus when studying or working.
  • Protects against negativity – Creates a peaceful sanctuary that repels bad vibes. Cleanses auric field of disharmony and energetic pollution.
  • Inspires spirituality – Connects you to a higher state of awareness and your divine purpose. Deepens your metaphysical wisdom and development.
  • Balances crown chakra – Aligns and activates the seventh chakra to elevate your consciousness and unite you with the Divine.
  • Detoxifies mind & body – Flushes out impurities and negative energy from your system. Supports healing from addictions and self-destructive patterns.

How to Use Amethyst in Your Spiritual Practice

With its deeply spiritual vibration, amethyst has long been used by healers, priests, monks and shamans. Here are some ways to benefit from its healing properties:

  • Wear amethyst jewelry every day as a talisman for protection, wisdom and positive energy. Rings, pendants and bracelets keep its vibration close.
  • Place an amethyst cluster or geode in your home or office to purify the energy and invite relaxation. Ideal for spaces focused on meditation, creativity or healing.
  • Hold tumbled amethyst stones during meditation to enhance intuition, bring your mind to stillness, and align your body and spirit. Excellent for activating the third eye and crown chakras.
  • Try an amethyst crystal grid to amplify intentions related to spiritual growth, emotional healing or tapping into inner wisdom.
  • Combine amethyst with clear quartz to magnify its energy and healing properties. This is a popular crystal pairing.
  • Gift amethyst to loved ones as a token of protection and blessings. It’s a stone often associated with crown chakras and higher consciousness.

Choosing Your Amethyst Crystal

With amethyst available in so many colors, cuts and sizes, here are a few tips for selecting the right stone:

  • Color – Opt for vibrant medium to dark purple hues. Pale lavender amethysts have a much softer energy.
  • Clarity – Inclusions are very common and don’t detract from quality. Choose stones that appeal most to you.
  • Cut – Points direct energy in focused ways. Tumbles and geodes radiate energy in all directions. Choose based on your intention.
  • Size – For crystal healing, points should be 1″ to 3″ minimum. Large clusters or geodes also pack powerful energy.
  • Shape – Points, pyramids, tumbles, clusters all emit unique vibrational patterns. Choose your preferred shape.
Variety of AmethystProperties
Brandberg AmethystVery rare “smoky” amethyst ideal for psychic and intuitive work.
Chevron AmethystDisplays v-shaped banding. Strongly aligns mental focus and emotions.
Green AmethystRanges from faint to vivid green. Imparts healing and balancing energies.
AmetrineBlend of amethyst and citrine. Combines metaphysical properties of both stones.
Auralite 23Contains amethyst, clear quartz, and other minerals. Amplifies spiritual abilities.

Amethyst certainly lives up to its regal purple reputation. It has been embraced since ancient times for its protective qualities and ability to expand spiritual awareness. Combine it with the grounding vigour of tiger’s eye for the ultimate crystal healing experience!

The Powerful Synergy of Tiger’s Eye and Amethyst Together

Now that we’ve covered the meaning and properties of each crystal, let’s look at how amethyst and tiger’s eye complement each other so beautifully:

They balance yin and yang energy – Amethyst has a deeply yin, cool water energy while tiger’s eye is warm, fiery and yang. Together they create energetic harmony and equilibrium between masculine and feminine energies within us.

Align, clear and energize the lower chakras – Amethyst activates the upper chakras and tiger’s eye stimulates the lower chakras – together they align and awaken the entire chakra system.

Promote emotional centeredness – Tiger’s eye dispels fear and anxiety while amethyst calms excess emotions – this allows you to respond to situations from a state of inner peace rather than reacting unconsciously.

Enhance spiritual connection – Amethyst opens your channel to the Divine while tiger’s eye grounds this high vibration energy through the lower chakras for embodied awakening.

Amplify intentions – Use tiger’s eye to strengthen your focus and determination, then amethyst to access heightened intuition and insight for manifestation.

Protect against energy vampires – When used together, these stones create an impenetrable shield against negative energy and attachments. They neutralize bad vibes.

Lead to self-mastery – This crystal pair helps you shed limiting beliefs, unhealthy attachments and debilitating fears so your higher Self can emerge.

Let’s look now at how to use them together for crystal healing benefits:

Ways to Use Tiger’s Eye and Amethyst in Combination

Here are some powerful ways to combine the dynamic healing properties of tiger’s eye and amethyst:

  • Make an energizing elixir by placing both stones in water under sunlight or lunar light. Drink this water for a revitalizing boost.
  • Create a crystal grid with amethyst and tiger’s eye to amplify goals related to releasing fears, integrating spiritual lessons or developing your intuition.
  • Wear tiger’s eye and amethyst jewelry together, such as a bracelet with alternating beads or stones. The wrist holds powerful meridians for healing and balance.
  • Combine in a medicine pouch to carry on your person or place by your nightstand. Excellent for sleep troubles, stress or lack of confidence.
  • Use tiger’s eye for root chakra healing then place an amethyst point at your crown chakra. Allows earthly wisdom to integrate with your higher Self.
  • Meditate with tiger’s eye at your sacral chakra and amethyst at your third eye. This opens a channel between your core power and higher vision.
  • Keep tigers eye and amethyst stones in your car or office to drive away negative energy and boost productivity. They impart balance and protection.
  • For highly intuitive reiki sessions, invite in tiger’s eye’s grounding energy before channeling amethyst’s spiritual frequencies for an expanded experience.

Combining Stones for Chakra Healing

The synergistic energy of amethyst and tiger’s eye can be directed to heal, open, and bring into alignment any of your seven chakras:

Root – Tiger’s eye for grounding. Replace fears and anxiety with courage and confidence.

Sacral – Tiger’s eye to ignite passion, creativity and joy. Rekindle your inner fire.

Solar Plexus – Tiger’s eye to cultivate personal power, ego strength and motivation.

Heart – Amethyst for emotional healing, unconditional love and peace.

Throat – Amethyst for speaking your highest truth. Communicating from a wise place.

Third Eye – Amethyst for intuition, imagination, psychic ability and connection to Spirit.

Crown – Amethyst for universal consciousness, unity with the Divine and enlightenment.

By tapping into the unique energetic strengths of each stone, you can channel their synergy into any area of your life that calls for awakening and healing.

Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst and the Art of Crystal Healing Jewelry

One of the most powerful ways to access the metaphysical properties of amethyst and tiger’s eye is by wearing them close to your skin as jewelry. Let’s look at some beautiful options:

Tiger’s Eye and Amethyst Gemstone Bracelets

Wrist bracelets allow the potent vibration of these stones to radiate into the pulse centers of your wrists for amplified effects:

  • Tigers Eye and Amethyst Bead Bracelet – Features spherical beads of each stone interspersed on an elastic cord. Perfect for crystal healing on-the-go to accessing their powers all day.
  • Wrap Style Bracelet – Tiger’s eye and amethyst beads or chips are wrapped on leather for direct contact with the skin. Unisex style, adjustable.
  • Stretched Beaded Bracelet – Large rounded beads of both stones are strung on stretchy, durable clear cord. No clasp needed, just slide on. Feng shui colors.
  • Tumbled Stone Bracelet – Showcases seven chakra stones including tigers eye and amethyst. Excellent for overall energy balancing.

Tiger’s Eye and Amethyst Pendant Necklaces

Pendants allow stones to radiate their healing energies in the vicinity of your thymus, heart chakra and solar plexus:

  • Wire Wrapped Pendants – Handmade pendants feature raw or tumbled tiger’s eye and amethyst wire wrapped individually or together in harmony. Unique modern style.
  • Chakra Crystal Pendant – A round pendant holds seven stones corresponding to each chakra including tiger’s eye and amethyst. Supports alignment and healing.
  • Tumbled Stone Pendant – Simple polished tigers eye or amethyst crystals are set in silver or gold plated wire pendant. Timeless, minimalist chic.

Amethyst and Tiger’s Eye Rings

Rings keep the grounding, soothing energies of these stones in constant contact with your hands. Here are beautiful options:

  • Sterling Silver Ring – Features checkerboard pattern of polished amethyst and tiger’s eye stones flush set in band. Unisex statement ring.
  • Wrap Style Ring – Raw, tumbled or cabochon tiger’s eye and amethyst wrapped in wire settings. Organic bohemian style.
  • stacking Rings – Dainty bands with round tiger’s eye, amethyst or alternating stones. Wear just one or stack several together.

Cleansing and Caring for Amethyst & Tiger’s Eye Jewelry

  • Cleanse crystals regularly by soaking in sea salt water overnight or burning sage. This removes accumulated energies.
  • Store jewelry in soft cloth bags versus metal boxes and jewelry rolls to prevent scratches.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals, extreme heat or ultrasonic cleaners which can damage gemstones.
  • When stones start to look dull, set them under moonlight or sunlight for a recharging boost.

By honoring the unique light shining within these regal purple and golden-brown stones, your amethyst and tiger’s eye jewelry will gleam with their inner luminosity for years to come.

Summary: The Key Benefits of Tigers Eye and Amethyst Together

If you’ve felt ungrounded, anxious, or disconnected from your personal power and spirit, tiger’s eye and amethyst together can help restore inner balance, courage and spiritual alignment:

Tigers Eye

  • Grounds and stabilizes emotions
  • Boosts courage and willpower
  • Enhances mental clarity and insight
  • Motivates action over fear and anxiety
  • Protective, energizing vibration


  • Calms the mind and nerves
  • Inspires spiritual awareness
  • Strengthens intuition and psychic ability
  • Clears negative energy from mind/body
  • Aligns crown chakra and physical energy

United Together

  • Balance masculine and feminine energies
  • Align and awaken the entire chakra system
  • Promote emotional centeredness
  • Allow embodiment of spiritual insights
  • Amplify focus for manifestation
  • Shield against “energy vampires” and ill-wishing
  • Support the emergence of your highest Self

If you feel you could benefit from the synergistic properties of these two empowering healing crystals, acquire some tiger’s eye and amethyst stones and jewelry to integrate into your daily spiritual practice and energy healing work. They are the perfect crystals to introduce balance, protection, tranquility and inspiration into your life.

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